SoHo Spice RARE Handheld Clutch - Last 1 in the world!


Introducing our SoHo Spice RARE Handheld Clutch—A unique and stylish accessory in vibrant orange that captures the essence of warmth and vibrancy. The exterior showcases a captivating spice-inspired pattern, with a rich orange hue dominating the design. This clutch is a perfect blend of sophistication and playfulness, making it a statement piece for those seeking a bold and fashionable touch to complement their ensemble. The vibrancy of this accessory will elevate any outfit, room, or event.

The SoHo Spice RARE Handheld Clutch is meticulously crafted from premium materials, ensuring a seamless blend of durability and luxury. Handmade in the heart of NYC, your bag is a genuine rarity, crafted from 100% fine leather, each with its own unique characteristics and imperfections. Whether your jet-setting or attending a social event, this versatile clutch is suitable for any occasion. Anticipate inquisitive onlookers asking, "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT BAG?"

Rare Care Instructions: Remove from plastic, delicately clean RARE letters with alcohol and wipe the leather gently. Store in a dust bag away from heat when not in use. Remember that no two bags are exactly alike, as they are considered custom. All custom sales are final.
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