10-Piece RARE Skin Skincare Box

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Introducing the 10-Piece RARE Skin Skincare Box by Rarity New York, a curated selection designed to bring you healthier and happier skin. This exclusive collection includes:

Cucumber Herbal Eye Gel:
Refresh and revitalize tired eyes with the cooling properties of cucumber. This herbal eye gel soothes and hydrates, leaving your delicate eye area feeling rejuvenated.

Cucumber Daily Moisturizer with Vitamin B and White Willow:
Nourish your skin with a daily moisturizer infused with the goodness of cucumber, Vitamin B, and White Willow. Hydration meets gentle exfoliation for a radiant complexion.

Peppermint Liptonic Lip Moisturizer:
Experience a burst of freshness with our Peppermint Liptonic Lip Moisturizer. Packed with soothing properties, it keeps your lips hydrated and invigorated.

Detoxifying Charcoal Masks with 3 Earth Clays & Charcoal:
Unwind and purify your skin with our Detoxifying Charcoal Mask. Infused with three Earth clays and charcoal, this mask draws out impurities, leaving your skin feeling renewed.

Fresh Tea Face Mist with Green and White Tea with Fruit Extracts:
Rejuvenate your skin on-the-go with our Fresh Tea Face Mist. Enriched with green and white tea and fruit extracts, this mist provides a burst of hydration and a revitalizing boost.

Rare Skin Toner:
Balance and tone your skin with the Rare Skin Toner. This essential step in your skincare routine helps refine pores and prepares your skin for the next steps of your regimen.

RARE Skins Wipes made with Lanolin oil and Chamomile:
Indulge in the deep-cleaning and makeup removal power of RARE Skins Wipes. Infused with Lanolin oil and Chamomile, these wipes leave your skin feeling refreshed and pampered.

Bonus - Silky Black Eye Mask:
Enhance your beauty sleep with the Silky Black Eye Mask. Block out light and promote relaxation for a restful night's sleep.

Bonus - Hair Wrap:
Pamper your hair with the included Hair Wrap, perfect for keeping your hair in place while you indulge in your skincare routine.

Bonus - Blackhead Nose Strips:
Target stubborn blackheads with our Blackhead Nose Strips. These strips help unclog pores and leave your nose feeling smooth and clear.

Elevate your skincare routine with the goodness of nature and the luxury of Rarity New York. Your journey to radiant skin begins here.
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